Project Description


High-quality and efficient methodology merges with the platform reaching hundreds of thousands of viewers in twelve European countries.

The main goal of ASSET is to develop, test and provide theatres/performing arts organizations across Europe with the tool and skills to learn about their audiences and utilize the findings to diversify and deepen the relationship with their audiences and creating their artistic program and marketing using the European Theatre Night and similar audience development events as a focal point. The project is based on audience segmentation methodology. The ASSET theatre audience segmentation prototype is developed for 20 theatres from 5 European cities.

Specific Aims

  • To develop and test a prototype of Audience Segmentation methodology.
  • To train theatres and cultural organizations across Europe in audience segmentation methodology and data collection.
  • To collect and evaluate data in selected European cities (Prague, Vienna, Sofia, Helsinki, Zagreb) and compare it to existing audience segmentation data (UK).
  • To create hypothesis about theatre audiences in Europe.
  • To implement the audience segmentation results in theatre programming, production and communication in order to augment target groups and reach new audience groups of involved theatres.
  • To provide international opportunities for networking among theatres in partnering countries involved in the European Theatre Night network and similar audience development events.
  • To disseminate the outputs from the project in university curricula and through established audience development networks such as Adeste, Audiences Europe Network and Connect.
  • To implement the outputs in public policies.